2012 Soundtrack (Part 2...finally)

Your Great Name - Natalie Grant

Our God - Chris Tomlin

Beautiful Things - Gungor

Forever Reign - Shane & Shane

The Stand - Kristian Stanfill

Come Thou Fount - Page CXVI

This Gift - Glen Hansard  This song is part of the reason that I decided to finish this list. Most of the other songs are worship songs. They are songs that I listened to over and over last year because they helped me to verbalize and sing praise to God (Jesus) that He deserves and desires from me, as well as my gratitude to Him. The song This Gift, I first heard at the end of the movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green. At this time, I couldn't even tell you much about the actual movie, but the song really struck me. When I listen to the lyrics, I can't help but think of Jesus...the greatest Gift I have ever received.

Christmas 2013 is only 3 days away. Today at church, Luke's Children's Church teacher told me he had raised his hand today to tell everyone, "In 3 days, Christmas is coming to town!" It is an exciting time, especially for kiddos, because it is a time of waiting and of expectation...of gifts. I have a precious nephew who truly thinks he is getting a real Power Rangers sword based on the fact that he asked Santa for one. I hope someday he will also believe in God's grace and accept the greatest Gift.

Thank you God for Jesus.