I got to take a nap with Levi today. Ah, the little things. :)


40 weeks...and counting

According to me and my timing, today is my due date for Baby Hullah. The other due date is the 9th, Sunday. Regardless, I definately expected this baby by now. I've also been having my appointments with the midwives on Thursdays. Last week I was so encouraged and already dilated at 4cm. This week, 4cm and discouraged. I was crying so hard on my way home that I had to stop in a parking lot to take time to call Brett, cry more, and eventually calm down. I still cried several more times today and felt depressed.

In spite of my disappointment and lack of patience, I realize these sweet truths: the baby is fine and doing well, and so am I (just no contractions yet); God's timing is the best; this is more time to give my attention to Luke and Brett. Sweet truths.

Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens. Your faithfulness to the skies.
-Psalm 36:5