Beauty in yuckiness

On Monday night, Luke got sick. I mean "throw-up" sick. Poor little guy. Well, then by Wednesday night, Brett was sick. I mean "throw-up" sick. Within a couple hours, I knew I caught the same bug. No "throw-up" for me though (in case you were wondering).

So yesterday looked like this...horizontal parenting. Brett on the couch. Darci on the love seat. Lukas playing on the floor & walking around the living room. The only times we got up were to change his diaper, to eat, or to use the bathroom. It sucked. And even though I didn't really feel much better, at some point in the afternoon, I had had enough. I felt the need to get outside. I felt the need for fresh air. So I took our little guy and sat on the front step just outside the front door. It was beautiful. The sun was beginning it's journey west, so there was shade over the steps. There were people and dogs enjoying the outdoors too in the park across the street. The tall trees were also there across the street, as they have been for who-knows-how-many years. And I took some deep breaths. We weren't enjoying the park like we usually do...you know, by actually being in it, but we were enjoying it none the less.

I love God's creation. There is just something about a tree, or a flower, or a national park, or nature that connects my soul, as well as the rest of me, to the Creator. Thank you God for a few minutes of beauty in the midst of a lot of yuckiness. You are so good!

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