Trying new things

I'm a learner. And a human.
All that to say, I need food, and I enjoy learning and trying new recipes. Recently a photography/Photoshop blog I subscribe to shared a recipe from another blog (random, I know) for Coffee Crusted Steak. I was naturally curious because this recipe was considered worthy enough to mention on a photography/Photoshop blog (not for it's pictures...for the actual recipe!). Also naturally, I never thought I'd make it because of the coffee ingredient. My hubby does not like coffee. He doesn't like anything about coffee...the taste, the smell, how the smell stays with him after he HAD to go to a coffee shop for some form of a meeting...he does not like coffee. Anyway, the next day, a student I used to work with at Johnson & Wales University (a culinary school) mentioned something on her facebook status about coffee crusted steak. I took it as a sign. ;)

So, tonight, I made it. It's not a new favorite, but it was fun to make and photgraph. Here are some pics:

I have a feeling a flavored coffee, like hazelnut would help, so maybe someday I'll try it again. And in case you were wondering what my hubby thought of it...well, you are just going to have to wait. He wasn't home for dinner tonight, so he'll be trying it later. I'll keep you updated though. ;)


  1. He ate the whole thing! It is steak, after all. And I used less coffee for his. ;)

  2. love this post! and brett too. eb